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Calling Santa

Dublin MoRun 2018 #morunning #dublin #movember #thefundamentalbody #funbods https://ie.movember.com/donate/details?memberId=666766

The Farmer

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Benjamin Halloween 2018 age 2

Sunday, Dublin City Marathon. 6am rise, clocks gone back so everyone is up, kit all ready to slip on, bag packed, breakfast, good luck hugs and kisses and out the door. 7am scrape the ice off car and off to meet the @funbodygym gang, flames by David Guetta pumping! On the bus, everyone is buzzing, a nervous buzz but everyone is in great form. As we get close to Dublin excitement grows. A short walk from the bus to the bag drop and onto the start line, it’s magic, the atmosphere is electric! 9:30 and we’re off, all in our bright yellow Ronald McDonald House t-shirt’s, we’re glowing! Before you know it we’re onto mile 5 and then 6 and there is @sarahcflood with Seb shouting our names, high fives all round, you well up, and on you go on leaving them in the distance. Castleknock, wow oh wow what an atmosphere, the noise, you get goosebumps. @finclarke76 and kids mounting the barrier shouting our names, it’s an unreal feeling! Mile 9 feeling good, still having the craic, and you see the Fundamental flag again in the distance and you know @sarahcflood and Seb are there again, spirits lifted, high 5’s and on you go! The miles tick by fairly quickly and before you know it you hit mile 16 and we’re into the count down! The crowds out around the route are unbelievable, and the amount of people that came to show their support and shout us along, thank you so much! Mile 25, heading up to the RDS and you know your almost there, the legs are screaming at me, but you can hear the crowds in front of you getting louder and louder, it’s amazing! You reach the blue carpet and I’m there, I’ve done it. There is something very special and very emotional about crossing the finish line of the DCM, I think it’s the achievement, finishing a marathon, a marathon, it’s not easy, well I don’t find it easy, but I also think it’s down to the crowds all along the route and the atmosphere, it’s all built up bit by bit till you hit the finish! The marathon would be nothing without the support from your family and the crew you train and run with week in week out with, these guys are awesome, thanks! #rmhc #dublincitymarathon #icaniwill #thefundamentalbody

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Is it worth it? Absolutely! #dublincitymarathon

A week until the marathon so it was a super to spend the last of the big runs with this one running around Regent’s Park on a beautiful morning. Read our story as to why we’re running on behalf of Ronald McDonald House. https://www.gofundme.com/rmhc-funbody-dublin-marathon?sharetype=teams&member=819816&pc=ot_co_dashboard_a&rcid=c7c26a1155874fcd889e2df5b977a271

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Friday Nights under the lights! #tcafc #under7 #grassroots

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Super proud Dad moment! Cup Final winners 1-0 and Seb scoring the goal! #tcafc #dadmoments #prouddad