Our Wedding, Italy

After months of planning and organisation it was time to pack the bags and head for Italy for what turned out be not just the best day of our lifes but also the best week ever!

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We had booked a big fancy 18th-century stone farmhouse in a small town called Monticchiello which is in the valley of the Val D’Orcia, Tuscany.

There was 16 of us staying at the villa and upon arrive the first point of call was of course the pool!

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We arrived on Saturday 16th August, with the wedding on the Wednesday (20th August) and there was plenty of preparation to do in between!

But we still found time for plenty of loodering around the pool and the craic was just fantastic.

We had our civil ceremony on the Monday afternoon in the town hall of Montepulciano, the day was a scorcher, think it got up to over 40 degrees that afternoon. The ceremony only lasted about 30 minutes and once all the formalities were out of the way we headed out for a wonderful lunch at La Grotta, which is a nice restaurant right opposite the Church where we’d all be heading on Wednesday.

That evening we had the owners of the villa come in and cook up some fantastic fresh pizza in the pizza oven that was in the villa, and it was amazing fabo!

Well Wednesday just flew in, and the morning of the wedding I have to say I was a little nervous but it was good to relax down by the pool with the boys before we started to get ready for the massive day that was ahead..

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It didn’t take too long before the tears started flowing, first Rob, then James, then my da and eventually they had me going, we hadn’t even got the suits on at this stage.. Rob was balling just cos I got him and James some cuff links, what were we in for for the rest of the day!

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Myself, Rob and James got ready downstairs in the Villa with Sarah and all the girls upstairs preparing, I was mad to pop up to her before I left but sent her up a note instead. So we were ready, me and the two boys headed off to the Church to meet the rest of the gang, over 40 had made the trip over to share our day, some even drove, Trim to Tuscany, 2500km!

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It wasn’t long before I was standing at the front of the Church bricking it, and then there she was standing next to me holding my hand looking, looking totally gorgeous, well actually even better looking than that! Words can’t describe how fantastic she looked or how happy I felt!

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The wedding ceremony seemed to go by really quick and the priest was really brilliant! It wasn’t long before we had exchanged the rings and we were signing the register, WOW we’re married!
But what we didn’t realise was that we had an audience, there was a coach load of Italian tourists watching the whole ceremony, and went we went outside, it was as if we were a celebrity couple, big cheers and clapping – what a feeling!

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So after an hour or so of photos around the church, I have to say that there are amazing shots from the photographer, he is a genius, we headed back to the villa for the reception!

James was our driver in our cool looking beetle convertible, and Ronan had arranged champers for the drive back which was a nice touch!

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So the reception, well it was the best I’ve ever been to but then I obviously would say that!
The reception was set outside in the garden of the villa overlooking the pool and the amazing Tuscan hills, the meal, wine and service was incredible and our wedding planner, Alessandra was fab – the whole day went very smoothly!

Now the speeches where exceptional, my dad’s and Sarah’s dad were great but I have to say that the two lads, Rob and James deserved an Oscar, there speech was feckin brilliant! Take a look at it here.

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The reception totally flew by, minutes turned into hours and before we knew it the cake was cut, the first dance was over and every was flat out on the dance floor (the grass by the pool).

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It was an exceptional day and week that I will never forget and to have Sarah as my wife is just unreal!

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Thanks again to all who travelled out to Italy and all those who sent their wishes!

It was class, perhaps a return journey same time, same place next year?

There are more wedding photos here, and some random ones from before, after and during here!

And there is a load of photos up here on our flickr wedding site..

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